From conception to completion, we offer professional and expert advice to create time sensitive solutions for various scale projects. Our goal is to provide cost effective strategies with evaluation and estimates of services to improve production and growth of your overall business.

Services, Installations, and Repairs

• Turbine Generators in brands such as Metrovic, Solar, Gec, and Brown Boveri.
• Switch Room in Power Stations
• Air Circuit Brakers (ABC)
• Oil Circuit Brakers (obc)
• Sectionner
• Isolator Switches
• Distribution Transformers
• Transformers 11/33kv, 33/66kv
• Bushings Transformers
• Transformer Oil Change and Leveling
• Digital/ Manual Protective Relay Transformers
• Under/Over Ground Cables
• Electrical Structure High Voltage
• Oil Cables and PVC High Voltage
• Joint and Through-box/T-box on Oil Cables and PVC High Voltage
• High Voltage Fuse Boxes for Petro-Chimie Facilities.
• Conduits, Cable Trays, and Partenex
• Industrial Switches and Waterproof Projectors, Anti-spark and Anti- chemical for safety in chemical Factories, Facilities and Refineries.
• General Industrial Equipment such as Compressors, Grinding Machines, Cutting Machines, Bending Machines, Electrical Saws, Cabinet Makers Machines and Carpentry Machines.
• Cathodes and Anodes in large Petrol Pipes.
• Floating Pump Engine
• Engine and Oil Rigs
• Engine on Gas Rigs for Injection of Gas
• Turbine on Gas Rigs for Injection of Gas to Earth
• Earthing System for Petrochimie and Oil and Gas Industries
• Earthing System for Airports
• Projectors in Surrounding Area of Airports