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Global operations global-operations

We are an evolving company. Our extensive experience has made Electro Dimeron a front runner for customer solutions and service. Today, Electro DimeRon is a corporation that offers innovative world class customer service; we are a proud Canadian company with technical expertise from around the globe. Our diverse professionals and technical staff have the required knowledge to assist our clients in Canada, United Stated and around the world.



We supply cost effective refurbished and new parts for various industries to promote healthy production.

Our team provides fast delivery time, installation, repairs, and troubleshooting of all parts, hardware and software in the following fields:

• Electrical
• Electronic
• Automation
• Robotics
• Mechanical
• Computer



Ask, imagine, plan and create to improve.

Our team follows a process that includes a series of steps to guide them in delivering the best results.

We strive to understand your needs by collaborating with you to determine what the problem is, what you want to accomplish, what the project requires, and what limitations you have.

Through brainstorming possibilities, we select best-suited designs, create realistic and time efficient plans to make improvements and reach your goals.