Through prominent application of utilizing information and technology, we offer a full range of electronic services that include onsite repairs.
Failure to a critical piece of electronic equipment is vital for productivity therefore our experienced technicians will re-work, test, repair, inspect and modify electronic equipment to meet your needs.


• PLC and CNC controls
• AC/DC drives and encoders
• Weld controls
• Robotics controls
• Inverters/ vector drives
• Spindle drives
• Spindle motors
• Intelligent drives
• Servo motors
• Servo amplifiers
• Stepper motors
• Laser scanners
• Circuit boards
• Light curtains
• Monitors and LCD displays
• Techogenerators
• Encoders
• Resolvers
• Power supplies
• Process controllers
• Operating and control panels
• Light curtains
• Laser scanners
• Monitors and LCD displays
• Circuit boards
• General electronic equipment and repairs

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